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What is a Forex trading robot? It is a special computer program that carries out its activities based on a given set of trading signals. The trading signals will tell the robot when to buy or sell a currency pair. Forex robots help to remove psychology from fore trading. Studies show that any traders fail to make a regular income from Forex trading because of psychology. Such traders allow their emotions to make trading decisions. As a result, such traders can rarely make headway in Forex trading even if they have a good trading strategy. Psychological elements can be detrimental to Forex trading decisions. A Forex robot helps to remove such a problem completely.

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There are so many Forex trading robots out there today. Some are free while some other ones are for sale. While there are many of them around, you need to look well before you buy any of them. Many of those who make Forex robots claim that their robots are highly profitable. However, this is not always the case. It is unfortunate that many of the Forex robots out there today do not live up to expectations.

Forex Trading Robots

What you must know about Forex robots

Forex robots help to generate signals. How they do this depends on the instructions that the builders put into them. The platform used for building most Forex robots is MetaTrader platform and they use MQL language for them. The Forex robots do not just generate trades on behalf of the trader. They can also place and manage trades. You must properly investigate each of the Forex trading robots so that you will not end up wasting your money.

Challenges of Forex robots

Many are of the opinion that Forex trading robots do not generate profit over a long period of time. This should not surprise you since the Forex market is dynamic. The dynamism means that a Forex robot that worked yesterday may fail to work today. Forex robots work based on specific instructions. Such instructions may fail to generate results in the future due to the dynamism. So, the Forex robot builder will have to update the instruction given to the robot for it to start working again.

Forex robots may also not be able to work under all market conditions. For example, issues like fake breakout may cause a Forex robot to generate a false signal. Fundamental events can also cause the Forex robot to misbehave. It can also fail to produce the desired result when the market is ranging. So these are some factors to bear in mind when going for a Forex robot.

No holy grail

If you check the adverts on many of the Forex robots out there, you will see claims of great results. The advertisers claim that their robots generate only positive signals. You should not believe the tales of no-loss. This is because there is no holy grail anywhere in Forex trading. There are times that the Forex trading robot will also generate negative results. Bear in mind that anyone who develops a no-loss trading robot will never want to share it with others.

How to develop a Forex trading robot

Anyone can build a Forex robot so long as you have the knowledge. You can decide to buy any of the robots out there or build your own. You need to understand the strategy before you build it into a robot. The best way to understand a strategy is via a demo account. So, you need to first open a demo account with the Forex broker of your choice. After that, you can start making experiments with MQL scripts.

You also need to back-test the strategy to know how well it works. You should also check the effectiveness of the strategy. You can do this by paper trading the system. Paper trading will help you to test the system in live environments. If the program does not produce the result you desire, you can simply tweak it. If the system is good, you can add funds to the live account for an improved trading experience.

Many of the automated trading systems work based on the existing technical trading rules of the trader. Such systems tend to perform better than many others. If you are a trader that tares a breakout very well, you can build a trading system for that. It is always better to include take-profit and stop-loss rules when developing a robot. If you have a system that works manually, it will be great to make it into a robot. While such a robot can work well, make sure you monitor its trading very well. If you notice anything out of place, you can make adjustments to it.

What a Forex robot can do for you

With the help of a Forex trading robot, you will not need to trade by yourself. It helps you to forget about manual trading and automate your Forex trading experience. Manual trading can take a lot of time. Automated trading helps to reduce how long you spend on trading. The robot will make most of the trading decisions for you. You can leave the robot to run while you engage in other important activities. It is almost impossible for you to be available to trade Forex for the 24 hours of the day. The Forex robot does not take a break. As a result, it can be available to trade for you for 24 hours of the day. It can also trade continually for 5 days of the week.

Pros and cons of Forex trading robot

The use of robots for trading Forex is a great idea. Be that as it may, it also has its associated challenges. In this section, we will show you some of the pros and cons worthy of note about Forex robots.


You will never have to worry about emotions when you trade Forex using a Forex robot. The robot will take the trading decision on your behalf. As a result, there will be no psychological element in trading. Emotion can reduce behavioral finance. It can affect investment decision making negatively.

Additionally, it enables the trader to easily back test the system. It will, therefore, be easy for the broker to adjust and fine-tune the strategy.

The beauty of it is that there is no need to be present before you can make a profit from Forex trading. If you have a 9 to 5 job, you will find Forex robots to be helpful. They can even trade for you while you are at the office. You will only come back from work to meet the profit made for you by the robot.


It can be very difficult to develop a functional Forex trading robot. You need to put in a lot of work before you can develop something that can work. It is possible that you get favorable results from back-testing. Be that as it may, the result may not be permanent. The good result you get today does to necessarily mean that you will get good results in the future.

If you are to get consistent good results from Forex robots, you will need to adjust it regularly. This can take a lot of time and effort from you. It is also not easy to find a reliable outlet selling robots. Many of them do not say the truth about their robots. They usually deceive people to believe that the robots are great. You will never know about their falsehood until you start trading with such a robot.

How to use Forex robot

If you want to venture into Forex trading without such stress, a Forex trading robot will help you out. The robot will remove all the stress of reading Forex charts. It will, therefore, give you ample time to do other important things. You will have access to MetaTrader platform with which you can test the robot. Most brokers offer free demo accounts. So, it will be easy to test the root before you go live.

When you are building a robot, make sure you build one that follows a particular instruction. If the robot is based on breakout, you should avoid using it for any other strategy. If you are buying the robot, you should ask the developer the best strategy that the robot supports. Do not also forget that Forex robots perform differently with different currency pairs. If back-testing shows that the robot works well with EUR/USD, it is better to stick to that. Always test it well on other currency pairs before you start using it for that pair.

The timeframe for using the Forex robots can determine their effectiveness. Some Forex robots work best on 15 minutes timeframe, while some may produce a better result when they use 1-hour time frame. This is one other very important factor to always bear in mind when using a Forex robot.

If you prefer to buy a Forex robot from a developer, you should read reviews about that robot first. The reviews will help you to determine if the robot is reliable or not. Some robot developers will even give you a free trial. The free trial will help you to access the robot for a given period of time. You can then decide if to buy the robot or not after the trial period.


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